Thursday, 19 October 2017

Striving for Exellence

•    Baseline surveys: At the beginning of every project, baseline surveys are performed to assess the situation at the target site. The surveys are used to determine how activities will be carried out and workshops will be taught. For example, baseline surveys for projects involving environmental education establish the level of knowledge of the participants on environmental issues and workshops are tailored so that the appropriate materials or teaching methods are used.
•    Monitoring: Throughout the course of each project, regular meetings are conducted within SCW and with the stakeholders of the projects to monitor progress, and identify and solve problems that arise during implementation. Reports are written up for internal evaluation as well as for donors.
•    Evaluation: At the end of each project, SCW conducts a final evaluation of overall goals and accomplishments as well as lessons learned during the project.

Internal Capacity Building
•    Workshops
•    Further Education

Financial Responsibility and Transparency
•    Yearly Audits


Sounds of the Jungle