Thursday, 19 October 2017

Library & Shop

Conservation through education is the strong believe of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife.

From the start we have developed, published and distributed storybooks for young children, first readers and parents to raise awareness on the protection and preservation of Cambodia’s environment. Our field workers also use these publications to promote reading and literacy skills in the provinces.

With more experience, further outreach and international partners Save Cambodia’s Wildlife was able to develop and publish more elaborate publications for professional use. They are directed at students and institutions such as ministries and both local and international organizations.

Profits from book sales are redirected to SCW’s onging environmental programs. You can purchase your personal copies online in our web shop or via e-mail order. Or you can visit us at our headquarter in Phnom Penh or at our field office in Banlung, where we are happy to tell you more about our work and projects. You can also find our publications in major bookstores and shops across Cambodia.


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