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Chamroeun “volunteer at headquarter” 2016

Mr. Chamroeun PHOUK is working as volunteer at SCW from January to June 2016. Find out about his motivation and goals in this short interview.

Please tell us a little bit about your background?

I come from a small village in Svay Rieng Province in the South-East of Cambodia, close to the Vietnam boarder. My family lives off farming and doesn't have too much money. But they love me and support me wherever they can. For example, they afforded English lessons for me as a child. It has been my dream to become a lawyer for a long time, so I work hard to make them proud.

Why did you apply as a volunteer at SCW?

I study Law at Western University in my 3rd year and I wanted to gain work experience, ideally in the field of environmental protection. Also, I wanted to see how to apply the law in real life and in the context of global issues, (human) rights and administration. I am very happy to have the chance now to work with SCW and learn from them, especially because many of my friends couldn't find a job.

What do you wish to learn in particular?

As this is my first job, I want to learn everything (laughs). How a business, respective NGO is run, from administrative tasks to strategic decisions and what role the law plays in this. But I also want to grow as a person: how to behave as part of a team and how to work jointly on a common goal.

What do you like most about working at SCW?

Definitely the team work and high grade of professionalism.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I will finish Law school in June 2017, hopefully (laughs). I have two dreams: to work as a lawyer and to be a lecturer, a teacher. Because I love being my profession and to share my knowledge.


Davina “Weltwärts volunteer” 2014

From August 2014 to August 2015

After my graduation it was clear for me that I want to gain more practice working and life experience before starting my studies. My way finally leads me to the ‘country of wonders’, Cambodia.

Now it’s more than half a year that I worked with SCW. After a short introduction in the organization headquarters in Phnom Penh I set off to Banlung, Ratanakiri Province in the very rural Northeast of Cambodia. There I started my work with my first assignment to record the project achievements and lesson learnt in PEM Project (‘Participatory Community-Based Natural Resources Management and Ecosystem Protection in the 3S Rivers’) funded by Oxfam.

Soon I joined my colleagues to the field and explored the villages and outback of Ratanakiri, where I got the chance to interview local people and observe the traditional lifestyle of indigenous communities.

At the end of my 3 months working period in this project one project newsletter with the results of my evaluation was published and shared with all Stakeholders.


My mission for the last months and until July 2015 will be in KHM1036 Project (‘Poverty Alleviation through Improved Biodiversity Conservation in Virachey National Park’) funded by EU and Welthungerhilfe.  

My main assignment is the ecotourism program, with focus on Marketing and Capacity Building. This also includes visits to Virachey National Park to map and improve the trekking paths and visits to the ecotourism villages. There we do trainings and support the local people to improve the services to finally increase their income. I enjoy the work close to the local people, as with every visit I seem to understand more of their culture and become aware how important our work is to fight poverty in this region.

But not just with ecotourism activity, I also spent lots of times on the field to experience the other project activities and join workshops about gender issues, nutrition and environmental education to gain knowledge about various topics. Also a research about weedicides and their impact on the environment and the human body was a good chance to improve my research abilities, what will help me in my up-coming studies at University. 

Furthermore I joined donor field visits and got a unique inside view in Cambodia’s nature. To walk and drive through the forest is always an amazing feeling. On the other side all of these visits teach me how important the work of SCW is to preserve this beautiful nature, as already big parts are lost. It must become the interest of the people living in this forest to protect it as without them their life and maybe the life of all mankind is endangered.

As you see though my main assignment is the ecotourism I have lots of possibilities to gain experience in several areas and especially the balance between office work and field trips makes my work very varied.


Next to my working life also the cultural environment with indigenous and Khmer living in Ratanakiri is very interesting. I got the possibilities to join weddings and religious ceremonies and live for a few days in indigenous communities.

But not just Ratanakiri, the whole country fascinated me on my many trips, especially the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, the deep forests of Mondulkiri and the kilometer wide view over green rice fields in the most parts of the country let me gape for a second. I am very thankful to have the chance to work here, in Cambodia and Ratanakiri close to the nature and local culture, as it will support my professional skills and even more my whole personality.


In my private and working life I was always supported by a great team, that not just helped me with the local language but also keep me in touch with ceremonies and cultural habits.

I definitely look forward to the coming months and I am sure that this year will influence my whole track of life.


For more information, please contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Simon “WHH intern” 2012

Internship Period: 10th of December until 10th of February 2012.

For the most part of my two-month internship with German Agro Action in winter 2011/2012 I was delegated to work in SCW’s local office in Siem Pang and later in the organization’s Phnom Penh headquarters. My project was part of GAA’s and SCW’s mutual effort to alleviate poverty in North-Eastern Cambodia by tackling the prevalent large-scale deforestation through environmental awareness making, agricultural education and capacity-building on a local level. I’m glad that I was able to make this unique experience.

In my continuous involvement in the project activities, I got to visit project families in the remotest areas of Stung Treng province, conducted interviews for project monitoring purposes and wrote case studies for documentation and publicity. I was assigned tasks in environmental assessment, the translation of proposals from English to German and vice versa as part of the mutual effort of GAA and SCW and made informal contact with villagers and other stakeholders on village wedding parties, dinners and as part of my daily routines. The internship has contributed a great deal to my track and it provided me the exact experience I was looking for. I got to live in rural Cambodia for almost two months, experienced the life of the local people and became a part of the village routines. I experienced the fieldworkcomponents in the effortsof a local NGO and also got an insight in its administrative processes and its international, highly co-operative scope. Much of the knowledge I acquired will be useful in my personal, academic and professional future.

During my internship was continuously received by extremely open-minded, friendly and hospitable project beneficiaries and staff. I increased my knowledge and filled knowledge gaps through a highly practical approach and reaffirmed my ambition to work in the field of non-profit, non-governmental development. I made many new friends in SCW and GAA and got absorbed into the Khmer culture to a degree that will make me miss it a lot.

For further contact please write an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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