Thursday, 19 October 2017

Chamroeun “volunteer at headquarter” 2016

Mr. Chamroeun PHOUK is working as volunteer at SCW from January to June 2016. Find out about his motivation and goals in this short interview.

Please tell us a little bit about your background?

I come from a small village in Svay Rieng Province in the South-East of Cambodia, close to the Vietnam boarder. My family lives off farming and doesn't have too much money. But they love me and support me wherever they can. For example, they afforded English lessons for me as a child. It has been my dream to become a lawyer for a long time, so I work hard to make them proud.

Why did you apply as a volunteer at SCW?

I study Law at Western University in my 3rd year and I wanted to gain work experience, ideally in the field of environmental protection. Also, I wanted to see how to apply the law in real life and in the context of global issues, (human) rights and administration. I am very happy to have the chance now to work with SCW and learn from them, especially because many of my friends couldn't find a job.

What do you wish to learn in particular?

As this is my first job, I want to learn everything (laughs). How a business, respective NGO is run, from administrative tasks to strategic decisions and what role the law plays in this. But I also want to grow as a person: how to behave as part of a team and how to work jointly on a common goal.

What do you like most about working at SCW?

Definitely the team work and high grade of professionalism.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I will finish Law school in June 2017, hopefully (laughs). I have two dreams: to work as a lawyer and to be a lecturer, a teacher. Because I love being my profession and to share my knowledge.



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