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Internship Period: 10th of December until 10th of February 2012.

For the most part of my two-month internship with German Agro Action in winter 2011/2012 I was delegated to work in SCW’s local office in Siem Pang and later in the organization’s Phnom Penh headquarters. My project was part of GAA’s and SCW’s mutual effort to alleviate poverty in North-Eastern Cambodia by tackling the prevalent large-scale deforestation through environmental awareness making, agricultural education and capacity-building on a local level. I’m glad that I was able to make this unique experience.

In my continuous involvement in the project activities, I got to visit project families in the remotest areas of Stung Treng province, conducted interviews for project monitoring purposes and wrote case studies for documentation and publicity. I was assigned tasks in environmental assessment, the translation of proposals from English to German and vice versa as part of the mutual effort of GAA and SCW and made informal contact with villagers and other stakeholders on village wedding parties, dinners and as part of my daily routines. The internship has contributed a great deal to my track and it provided me the exact experience I was looking for. I got to live in rural Cambodia for almost two months, experienced the life of the local people and became a part of the village routines. I experienced the fieldworkcomponents in the effortsof a local NGO and also got an insight in its administrative processes and its international, highly co-operative scope. Much of the knowledge I acquired will be useful in my personal, academic and professional future.

During my internship was continuously received by extremely open-minded, friendly and hospitable project beneficiaries and staff. I increased my knowledge and filled knowledge gaps through a highly practical approach and reaffirmed my ambition to work in the field of non-profit, non-governmental development. I made many new friends in SCW and GAA and got absorbed into the Khmer culture to a degree that will make me miss it a lot.

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