Thursday, 19 October 2017

Weltwärts Volunteer
a youth program from partner Bread for the World
Name: Mr. Jakob WEIGELDT
Age: 19
Period: August 2015 – August 2016

What made you decide to go to Cambodia as volunteer for 1 year?
After high school I didn’t want to go straight to university. I wanted to see a different environment and here it is a process of constant learning for me. The cultural exchange is essential for me and I hope that I can contribute some useful ideas to SCW. I also share my experiences with my friends and family to show them the consequences our life in Germany can have in Cambodia, like Climate Change.

It seems you learned a lot already?
Yes, especially about the Khmer & indigenous culture. I also gained an overwhelming insight on NGOs and how the relations with donors work. And I learned how to drive a motor bike. Without being able to drive it’d be quite hard to work and live here (smiles).
In the future, I‘d like to improve my Khmer language skills. And I want to learn how to use the GIS mapping software and train my colleagues here in Ratanakiri.

I like working with SCW, because...
...every day is different. SCW offers me a great variety work and a lot of freedom. I love working with indigenous communities to support the protection of Virachey National Park.
I particularly liked spending several nights there, to prepare trekking trails for our Eco-Tourism project. But something unexpected happened: When we got back to the river, our boat was missing. Without the boat we couldn’t get our equipment back. So, a colleague and I swam 4km to arrange a new boat. Luckily we had to swim downstream and no crocodiles attacked us (laughs).

What are your plans for the future?
Before coming here I was undecided. But my time here has encouraged me to study agriculture and/or some-thing related to biology/conservation.


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