Thursday, 19 October 2017



Below please find a list of often used abbreviations in the development context:

  • 3S Region: The Sekong, Sesan and Sre Pok rivers are trans-boundary tributaries of the Mekong in the north of Cambodia and support the livelihoods of 3.5 million people living in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
  • 3SPN: 3 Rivers Protection Network
  • C-BED: Community Based Enterprise Development
  • CBET: Community Based Eco-Tourism
  • CBNRM: Community Based Natural Resources Management
  • CBO: Community Based Organization
  • CC: Commune Council
  • CF: Community Forestry
  • CFI: Community Fishery
  • CIP: Commune Investment Plan
  • CLT: Community Land Titling
  • CLVDT: Cambodia Laos Vietnam Development Triangle
  • CPA: Community Protected Area
  • CSO: Civil Society Organization
  • DoA: Department of Agriculture
  • DoC: Department of Commerce
  • DoI: Department of industry
  • DoP: Department of Planning
  • ELC Economic Land Concession
  • EoP : End of Project
  • EU: European Union
  • FO: Farmer’s Organization
  • GAA: German Agro Action, former name of Welthungerhilfe
  • IEC : Information and Education
  • M&E : Monitoring and Evaluation
  • MAFF: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • MFI: Microfinance
  • MoE: Ministry of Environment
  • MoP: Ministry of Planning
  • NGO: Non-Government Organization
  • NRM: Natural Resource Management
  • NTF : Non Timber Forest Product
  • OEYS: Office of Education Youth and Sports
  • PLA: Participatory Learning and Action
  • PRCF: People Resources and Conservation Foundation
  • SCW: Save Cambodia’s Wildlife
  • SFA: Sekong Forestry Administration
  • SfC: Saving for Change
  • SRI: System of Rice Intensification
  • TOT: Training of Trainer
  • WHH: Welthungerhilfe
  • WPG: Wine Production Group


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